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issue 42 - February/March 2018
CURVE magazine cover February/March 2018
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A Russian Artist Merges Art with Nature to Create Incredible Rural Graffiti

Evgeniya Dudnikova's incredible pieces sit amid nature like few others. Painted on the trunks of trees that have been damaged, they add a sense of style and harmony that few other works can achieve. Dudnikova's street art project takes place in different Russian cities, on the outskirts of the urban area, in parks or forests.

By passers can enjoy Dudnikova's art as they walk or run outside the city and discover these stunning pieces painted on trees. The themes of each painting are related to the landscape and the color range around the tree and at the same time complement the area.

Dudnikova chooses the tree for each piece by searching for living trees with scars reminiscent of a hollow. The artworks are made from acrylics and are designed to blend into the body of the tree.

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