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issue 12 - Feb/March 2013
CURVE magazine cover Feb/March 2013

"Knit Knacks" by Junk Munkez


Xavier Baghdadi is a super chill web designer/illustrator. Lea Kradokian is an uber cool product designer. Put the two together and you end up with serious talent and lots of good music. Baghdadi and Kradokian make up the two halves of the Lebanon based design collective Junk Munkez, which materialized last spring when the pair was asked to give trash a new lease on life.

Upon scouring Beirut's junkyards for metal scraps, Baghdadi and Kradokian set their eyes on washing machine drums, which they brought home and thoroughly cleaned up. Hereon, they slathered generous coats of paint on the drums and threaded the perforations with colorful yarn, employing patterns inspired by arabesque and tribal art or sketching freehand artworks.

The resourceful couple added the finishing touches with plush, round cushions they sewed together from recycled textiles to top the seats off. They even draped the inside compartments with recycled textiles this serves as a handy storage box. The end result is bohemian, upcycled stools the pair identifies as 'Knit Knacks'. The duo explains the method to their beautiful madness: 'We deem it necessary that designers take the environment into consideration... and think twice about throwing away any used objects in their possession.'

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