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issue 15 - August/September 2013
CURVE magazine cover August/September 2013



Without a grain of doubt, the sculptural installations of Kim Sun-Hyuk make our jaws drop. Yet it is not the shock factor so in vogue in the art world today that entices us in this case, but the sheer originality of the works, which relay something spiritual as well as inspiring. The South Korean artist's 'Drawn by Life' series explores the vitality of life as he sees it in the harmonious circulation of nature, whereby looking onto plants to reflect on human life.

The organic tree figures he molds in plaster and welds using stainless steel suggest human faces that overlap with tree roots - and even hint at blood veins. The surrealistic shapes Kim creates from combining plant life with human life act as commentary on the positivity of life, on growth and possibility, and of course, on human limitation.

Kim's intriguing figures sprout from walls or pedestals, at once frail and strong - they seem to gasp for air, they seem to palpitate with life. They seem to speak of how small we are vis-a-vis the world.

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