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issue 16 - October/November 2013
CURVE magazine cover October/November 2013


'Back to Beauty' by Hossam Dirar

It's not external looks that Egyptian artist Hossam Dirar explores in his 'Back to Beauty' series, although the artworks are a sight for sore eyes. The mixed media canvases delve into the hidden energy and latent power of women of the Middle East, scratching the surface to reach their true colors, which the shackles of reality coerce them to keep under the covers.

The artworks shamelessly reflect women's innermost subconscious desires; the colors and composition capture the emotions that consume every woman regardless of how aware she is of them, encapsulating the urgency, chaos, transparency and purity of these dormant sensations. Using traditional icons, patterns and calligraphy in a fresh, contemporary spin, the young artist mirrors the strength of women confronting a plethora of challenges inflicted on them by their societies.

A precursor of graphic art in Egypt, Dirar is well-regarded at home and in the Middle East for his innovative and daring approach to graphic art. Working out of his Cairo art studio, Dirar begins with his own photographs, which he mixes on canvas creating a new image that expresses his thoughts. From there, he splatters new layers using acrylic, pastel and collage.

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