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issue 16 - October/November 2013
CURVE magazine cover October/November 2013

Made-to-Measure Sculptures by Raymond Waters

Are you a U.S. size eight? If so, expect to turn heads in this stunning red and silver gown by Toronto based artist Raymond Waters. The 'Coke Couture' dress was fashioned out of leftover caps Waters had from a mammoth tapestry he was asked to create for Coca Cola. Over 17,000 Coke and Diet Coke bottle caps, more than 65,000 hand drilled holes and a little over 5,000 feet of copper wire on solid aluminum rod were what it took to bring that tapestry to life.

The bespoke dress, meanwhile, was tailored using 2,500+ Coke and Diet Coke bottle caps, copper wire, silk and cotton as well as zipper and thread. The striking number is part of Waters' outstanding 'Green Couture' series, where the artist experiments with a myriad of materials including reused/recycled coins and film.

Waters' enticement with bottle caps has additionally driven him to realize one of his endearing Butterfly installations using Coke caps. A massive overload of caps, some of which date back to the '30s, and over 1,000 feet of copper wire were mounted onto painted canvas, creating an image of a butterfly in flight. Meanwhile, Waters has recently dabbled in aluminum beer cans, using over 10,000 to create a gargantuan tapestry for the local Amsterdam Brewery. Once again, Waters gives us something worth raising our glasses to.

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