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issue 17 - Dec/Jan 2013-2014
CURVE magazine cover Dec/Jan 2013-2014

'Spoon Lamp' by Clive Roddy

UK based designer/maker, Clive Roddy, was wandering around California's Yosemite National Park when he had the first inkling of the 'Spoon Lamp', an unusual yet functional lighting object that takes inspiration from giant pinecones.

The Spoon Lamp is composed of 115 stainless steel dessert spoons mounted on a delicately equalized solid oak tripod. Each precisely cut and angled spoon radiates from an internal wooden disc, while seven individual disc levels are separated accurately to create the overall elliptical profile. Once illuminated, warm light scatters from the lamp, projecting ovular shaped silhouettes onto nearby objects.

Roddy's flair for making quirky yet efficient products that aim to induce both intrigue and happiness comes to stark relief in his Spoon Lamp. The final verdict: Roddy ends up with a design that captivates whether with or without the internal light source. And the robust piece is so tasteful we just want to lick it.

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